Universal Services Inc. is committed to making safety our #1 priority. We continually strive to develop and maintain a comprehensive safety plan focusing on our employees, customers, contractors, business partners and visitors. All employees are trained and encouraged to practice safe working behavior to ensure production continues as scheduled and without interruption. Universal Services Inc. has a full range of equipment to complete any size job. We currently run multiple Directional Drilling, Installation/Maintenance and Restoration crews across the state.

Each team is equipped with state of the art, well maintained vehicles and machinery. Universal Services Inc.’s fleet of newer model vehicles ensures that our employees and equipment get to the job site reliably and safely. Our commitment to safety and equipment health is backed by having seven full-time mechanics on staff to prevent lost production time enabling us to finish your project on or before schedule.


Universal Services Inc. developed and implemented a robust Quality Assurance program to ensure that our high quality workmanship, employee safety and fleet performance metrics/expectations are met on a daily basis. This program identifies areas of opportunity for us to develop and train our team members ensuring that our finished product exceeds the expectations of the customer.